Baby Wearing

Happy Baby Wrap | #giveaway #babywearing

To celebrate my big news that I shared yesterday, I have lined up some giveaways with some bloggy friends for our readers.   The first giveaway is for a Happy Baby Wrap. I think that baby wearing has a ton of benefits.  I didn’t really do much baby wearing when Thor was a baby.  I borrowed… 

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Big News

Only Child Expiring | | #announcement #baby

  Thor has some big news for you. He’s excited to be a big brother.  And we are excited to welcome Baby Loki in to our home this December.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with two busy boys.  I’m just hoping to survive.  And maybe get some cute pictures along the way…. 

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Toffee Fruit Dip

Toffee Fruit Dip | | #apple #heath #bluelemon

The other day I went to Blue Lemon for lunch with my mom.  I was looking at the menu and I noticed a side item of apple slices and toffee dip that you could add to your meal.  Of course I had to try it.  I mean, toffee dip?  How could I not? It was super… 

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Noodle Bead Bracelet with Sliding Knot Tutorial

Noodle Bead Bracelet with Sliding Knot Tutorial | | #jewelry #diy #handmade

Way back in December I decided that I wanted to make a small gift to pass out with my business cards at my first in person blog conference, Build Your Blog.  The conference was the beginning of February so I had to pick something that would be quick and easy to make.  I settled on a… 

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