How to Hard Boil Eggs in a Pressure Cooker

How To Hard Boil Eggs In A Pressure Cooker |

By using your electric pressure cooker to hard boil your eggs you can get picture perfect peeled eggs every time.  No more tears, gouges, or missing layers in your eggs whites.   I bought an Cuisinart electric pressure cooker for my birthday.  If you follow me on Facebook then you saw mention of this new… 

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Bedtime Will Never Be The Same

Goodnight Lad Cover |

The future of bedtime is here.  Goodnight Lad is the first interactive children’s book. Yesterday some friends of our family launched their Kickstarter for a new type of kids story book. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen! Now we have a bunch of books at home, and books on our tablets to… 

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Rice Crispy Kisses

Rice Crispy Kiss |

These rice crispy treat kisses are perfect for Valentine’s day.  They look like giant Hershey kisses with a crispy treat center. I love rice crispy treats.  I can eat a whole pan all by myself.  I try not to.  But I totally can.  And I totally don’t want to share with you.  Sorry. So it… 

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Chocolate Raspberry Cups

Chocolate Raspberry Cups |

Chocolate raspberry cups are quick and easy to make and make a great addition to any dessert, party, or gift. Move over chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate raspberry cups are here.  If you love raspberries then you have to try these chocolate raspberry cups.  They look fancy but they are so simple.  Even more so than the strawberries…. 

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